Super Octane Booster

Super Octane Booster

Specially formulate improved performance of the engine with the elimination of power robbing knocking and pinging due to low octane fuel. Powerplus SOB is a premium high performance treatment formulation utilising the latest technology to increase the Octane Rating (RON) of petrol fuel by up to 7 units, maximising your engines performance.
Ideal for Remote areas of Australia where high octane fuel is unavailable

• Boosts octane rating by up to 7 (RON) units
• Maximises engine horsepower & performance
• Increases fuel efficiency and power
• Suitable for all grades of petrol
• Can be used in all common 2 & 4 stroke petrol engines
• Stops engine detonation (pinging)
• Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe

250 ml


SKU: FPA1060

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