Super Boost Oil Additive

Super Boost Oil Additive

Powerplus Super Boost Oil Additive (SBOA) is a special totally synthetic formulation designed to aid in drivability of four cycle racing engines.
This product does not contain chlorinated materials and PTFE and is polymeric, exhibiting very low compressibility. 
Powerplus SBOA does not cause carbon build up. 

• Peak torque should be reached 300 to 500 RPM's quicker 
• The peak horsepower should be reached at 300 to 500 RPM's higher 
• The increase in peak torque and horsepower may be significant
• There should be a drop in engine temperature by 10°C to 22°C because of reduced friction 
• Extends engine life
• Engines run quieter and smoother
• Improves fuel consumption

250 ml


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