Octane Boost

Octane Boost

Specially formulated to address fuel-related problems experienced with modern petrol powered motor vehicles. Powerplus Octane Boost with VSRP will increase the octane rating of normal unleaded petrol ULP to stop pinging (detonation), while its  detergent additive cleans combustion chamber, inlet valve, carburettor and injection deposits. 
Once treated improved performance of the engine can be achieved with the elimination of power robbing knocking and pinging due to low octane fuel.

• Boosts engine performance
• Maximises engine horsepower & performance
• Increases fuel efficiency power
• Upper cylinder lubricant protects against valve seat recession
• Suitable for all grades of petrol
• Can be used in all common 2 & 4 stroke petrol engines
• Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe
• Stops engine detonation  (pinging)
• Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors

250 ml


SKU: FPA1050

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