Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Powerplus Fuel System Cleaner protects the intake system of engines by forming a fluid protective film and thus preventing the formation of deposits. This applies for both Port Fuel Injection and Direct Injection Spark Ignition engines. The cleaner engine system results in better performance, improved combustion and a longer engine life.

Improvement approx. 10% of the energy released by the combustion of the fuel is lost due to internal friction in the engine. Powerplus Complete Fuel System Cleaner is formulated with very effective friction modifiers minimising friction between the piston rings and the cylinder wall, which results in instantaneous fuel economy benefits.

Powerplus Complete Fuel System Cleaner contains a very effective corrosion inhibitor to protect metallic parts from rust formation along the entire fuel supply system.

• Improves fuel consumption
• Cleans fuel filters, injectors, inlet valves & manifolds
• Easier starting
• Smooths idling
• Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors
• Suitable for all conventional engines, direct injected engines (DISI), turbo charged engines, Ethanol based fuel engines and hybrids



250 ml


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