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Powerplus 110+ Unleaded Racing Fuel is specifically engineered for normally aspirated and Turbo – Super Charged engines. Compression Ratios greater than 15.5:1.
The most powerful high octane unleaded fuel available.
It is an excellent performance fuel for Drag Racing where a higher octane fuel is required. PowerPlus 110+ allows you to push the limits of octane satisfaction.
Suitable for engines developing up to 1600 Horse Power.

Please note: Powerplus 110+ is designed for extremely high compression engines greater than 15.5:1, Cold start can be problematic and spark plugs should be cleaned after each run. Fuel delivery system must meet or exceed SAE J2260. Teflon recommended. Where engines require the use of leaded petrol to protect valve seats, a valve seat recession additive should be used. Powerplus 110+ is not for use in aviation applications. Do not store in fibreglass tanks or containers.

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