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Powerplus Diesel Fuel and Injector Cleaner (DFIC) keeps engines clean for higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
New and highly efficient deposit control additive technology gives excellent injector cleanliness in all types of diesel engines (Direct and indirect injection engines).

•  Less engine noise improved cold start
•  Consistently improved combustion
•  Lower exhaust gas emissions
•  Improved fuel economy
•  Maximum power
•  Longer engine lifetime
•  Increases cetane numbers
•  Increased oxidation stability
•  Enhanced corrosion protection
•  Will not harm aftermarket devices like Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
•  Reduced foaming tendency
•  Better water shedding
•  Established in the world market and approved by OEMs
•  Environmentally friendly product as proven by European eco-efficiency analysis
•  Suitable for all diesel fuel including bio-diesel.


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