About us

The owners of the ACB Group (home of PowerPlus Racing Fuels) not only have an interest in High Performance Racing, they had a passion for it. Frustrated with the lack of high-quality racing fuels in the Australian market with excess levels of water and other impurities the owners commenced developing their own range of high-performance fuels and additives. Through substantial testing and analysis of the Powerplus Racing Fuels range, we increased and refined the fuel technology supplied to all race classes of Motorsport throughout Australia.

Powerplus Racing Fuels reputation has now grown to be synonymous with superior performance and consistency, this attention to detail ensures every litre of fuel we make meets the highest quality standards. The ability of Powerplus Racing Fuels to have total control over its products and manufacturing ensures our ongoing success. In addition, as part of our manufacturing facility we operate one of Victoria’s largest analytical and research laboratories, devoted to the ongoing evolution of race fuels and automotive additives.

All Powerplus Racing Fuels and additives are manufactured, packaged, tested and stored at our site located in the Melbourne suburb of Derrimut and distributed nationally and internationally through 60 passionate distributors.

As a manufacturer and supplier, one of our long-standing markets has been in the automotive aftermarket care additives.  We have long provided the market via our private labelling operations with additives like octane boosters, fuel and engine additives as well as the paint and panel market.

The product range will continue to expand covering all our automotive technologies.

“We do all this to stay ahead of our competition, so you can stay ahead of yours.”


When it comes to understanding how to get the most out of an engine, our team combined has almost a century of practical experience.


We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible. That’s why we cut on all unessential business expenses.


Simply, At Powerplus Racing Fuels we aim to make the best racing fuels and additives on the planet.